6.13.12 Releases

After much anticipation and a few prologue installments in the DHP anthology, Brian Wood’s new long-form series, with Kristian Donaldson, is finally here. The Massive #1 (Dark Horse) hits shelves this week. It’s also the continuation of another Wood series with Conan The Barbarian #5 (Dark Horse). If you need more Wood in your life, there’s an impressive double-tap over at Marvel finally hitting as well. It’s X-Men #30 (Marvel), the first issue of his run on this book. It features a proactive team led by Storm with an Authority-meets-Planetary global strike team vibe and some very impressive art. Of course, on 6/13, Thirteen Minutes also recommends Ultimate Comics: X-Men #13 (Marvel). In addition to the alignment of those three 13s, we get to see the title refurbished to feature Kitty Pryde as a mutant freedom fighter in an alternate reality dystopia. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a more appealing pitch for me. Also of note, Wood is the first writer ever to helm an X-Men book in both universes simultaneously. And hey, 4 Brian Wood books in one week, that's some kind of wonderful. I’ll also be picking up Saucer Country #4 (DC/Vertigo) from Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly. DC also has Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1 (DC) out, which I will not be buying, but will probably still thumb through at the LCS. If it’s anything like BF: Minutemen #1 last week, it’ll be fairly middling and prove that this project was unnecessary and ill-advised filler at best, ethically reprehensible trash on the other end. I’m also curious to see if Mind The Gap #2 (Image) continues the fun mystery laid out in #1. Lastly, I’ll probably check out Bad Medicine #1 (Oni Press), which my LCS didn’t seem to get the first time around, and with it being solicited again this week, I’m not sure whose mistake that was. I also see Bad Medicine #2 (Oni Press) scheduled, and since they form a little 2-issue arc, I might just grab them both to enjoy Chris Mitten’s art in color and see if the story can really hook me.


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