7.18.12 Releases

Usually you expect a bit of a shipping lull post-Comic Con because people will claim WAIT I SPENT ALL MY MONEY AT COMIC-CON! and publishers will claim WAIT WE PUT OUT OUR BEST STUFF AT COMIC-CON!, but this still seems like a pretty robust week. Man, it’s going to be close, but the book of the week is probably a toss-up for me between Saga #5 (Image) and Brian Wood’s adjectiveless X-Men #32 (Marvel). Those are the only two books that I’ll be purchasing for certain, while everything else is a mish-mash of mentions. If I was still buying company owned books, I’d surely give Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel) a flip because of its Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy pedigree, along with Batwoman #11 (DC), which I think is the last issue of the arc before JH3 (artist on the newly announced Sandman prequel with Neil Gaiman!) jumps back on and attempts to right the good ship Kate Kane. I’ll give Glory #28 (Image) a flip, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking a break from that title because it just doesn’t wow me in the same way some of its contemporary Image offerings have. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to give Danger Girl / GI Joe #1 (IDW) a flip through for the pure nostalgic kitsch of it. Lastly, on the GN front I recommend the Christos Gage written Sunset HC (Image) because the $1 teaser that came out last week was surprisingly gripping if you need more of the crime noir genre if your life.


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