7.25.12 Reviews

This feels like it’s getting back to a normal week for me, meaning there isn’t all that much of interest. Without a doubt, my book of the week is Prophet #27 (Image) from Brandon Graham and Giannis Milonogiannis. I’ll also be picking up Manhattan Projects #5 (Image) and will probably flip through Debris #1 (Image) for the Riley Rossmo art and oddball post-apocalyptic salvage premise. On the GN front, Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys #21 (VizMedia) is out, which is a can’t miss. Here’s a little consumer advisory for you regarding the series: there’s one more volume, #22, of 20th Century Boys before it switches to 21st Century Boys, volumes 1 and 2, to wrap up the entire 24 volume saga! Lastly, I’m not a huge Jeff Lemire fan, but if you happen to be, then Underwater Welder (Top Shelf) is also out. It’s a beautiful book and was one of the big books that the publisher was pushing at #SDCC just a-week-and-change ago.


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