12.19.12 Shipping Report

It’s a huge week as the final shipping date before the Christmas Holiday, which also means that the following final week of the year will be ridiculously small, with something like only 10 whole books actually shipping. But, first things first, let’s sort through the deluge this week, beginning with what I’ll definitely be picking up. Leading the pack is Wasteland #42 (Oni Press) as the series charges toward the end at the hands of Antony Johnston and Russel Roehling. Next up is Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #3 (Image) by Brandon Graham. It’s utterly enjoyable from start to finish and if you like comics at all, I can’t imagine you not liking this. I’m still, relatively passively and of a somewhat contrarian nature, on the BKV & Fiona Staples train, so I’ll be checking out Saga #8 (Image) as well. As long as JH3 is on art, I’ll also be picking up Batwoman #15 (DC), the lone exception that proves the rule with regard to the creative impotence of DC Entertainment’s New 52 Initiative. I think this reads better collected and I’ve been reading it in trades up to this point, but decided to jump on the singles for the final act, it’s Locke & Key: Omega #2 (IDW).

The book that could most easily make the jump from the “maybe” pile is The Black Beetle: Night Shift #0 (Dark Horse) by Francesco Francavilla. I think the whole pulp noir mystery thing is very played out, but if nothing else it will look gorgeous. I have to say that I was done with Quentin Tarantino right after Pulp Fiction, with that, Reservoir Dogs, and True Romance forming a perfect little trifecta for me, so I’m not very interested in Django Unchained #1 (DC/Vertigo), except for the fact that RM Guera is on art, hot off of Scalped. I’m also curious about JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull #1 (DC), because I’ve enjoyed much of the work of B. Clay Moore and Tony Harris. I’m not sure if Masks #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) will be strong enough to make the cut. I enjoyed the first issue on a purely visual level, seeing all of the characters come together in spite of a paper thin story premise, so it will probably depend on who they plug in for art instead of Alex Ross for this little bait and switch. Over at The House of Ideas, I’ll flip through Avengers #2 (Marvel) to admire the Jerome Opena and Dean White art, along with Thor: God of Thunder #3 (Marvel) for the Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic goodness, but they’ll have to perform stellar in the casual flip test to actually create a sale.


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