Joshua Dysart @ Yesteryear Comics [Signing]

I’m happy to announce that Yesteryear Comics has arranged their first in-store signing. Yesteryear Comics has been my retail sponsor for nearly a year now and is clearly the best all around LCS in San Diego. They offer very attractive discounts on new releases and their customer service is unparalleled in this region. They’ve arranged to have writer Joshua Dysart (Harbinger, Unknown Soldier, Greendale, BPRD) in the store on Wednesday April 3rd @ 9am, to coincide with the release of Harbinger Wars #1 from Valiant Comics. Harbinger Wars #1-4 marks the first big event in the new Valiant Universe, crossing over with Bloodshot #10-13 and Harbinger #11-14, for a total of 12 issues. Additionally, a CGC Representative will be on-hand to verify signatures for those interested in professionally graded books. I’ll actually be working the event and helping out my friend Mike, who owns Yesteryear Comics, so if you’re in San Diego, please come and join us! For more information, jump in and follow @YesteryearComic @JoshuaDysart @ThirteenMinutes or go to www.Facebook.com/YesteryearComics


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