9.03.14 [#BookOfTheWeek]

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Moon Knight #7 (Marvel): There’s a small selection of really choice books out this week, including the raucous fun of God Hates Astronauts #1 (Image), Jason Aaron's gritty homecoming tale in Southern Bastards #4 (Image), and the luscious-looking Concrete Park: Respect #1 (Dark Horse), but the clear standout is Moon Knight #7, with the new creative team of Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood, with colorist Jordie Bellaire and cover artist Declan Shalvey holding over. Honestly, and I say this with all due respect, I think most people are just hoping the new team doesn't fuck things up, it was a magic formula, and I was initially pleasantly surprised and then quickly blown away by what they pull off. Wood and Smallwood delightfully thread a very tiny needle here, managing to provide a respectful continuation of what Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey laid down, while still stamping it with their own unique style. Wood grounds the White Knight hard in a noticeably present NYC bubbling with social tension, while Smallwood brings his sensational A-game with layout ingenuity and panel design. If page 20 alone doesn't make you believe in the dynamic abilities of the medium, then it's time to find a new hobby. It’s very rare that you have one creative team that’s can’t miss, followed by a different creative team on the same title that’s equally can’t miss, but these guys have done it.  


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