9.10.14 [#BookOfTheWeek]

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In terms of what I’m interested in, this is a huge week. We’ve got the impeccable Lazarus #11, the seriously-heating up Sheltered #11, the visually captivating East of West #15, the dystopic time travel drama of The Bunker #6, the retro-inspired curiosity-piquing Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers #2, and an old reliable in the form of Astro City #15, a series which never fails to delight with its peripheral investigations of a shared superhero universe. There’s also a bunch of “maybes” that I’ll give a casual flip at the LCS, like Prophet Strike File #1, Injustice: Gods Among Us #11, Wild’s End #1, Spread #3, Rot & Ruin #1, and even the publishing-stunt-played-to-death-(heh) Death of Wolverine #2, just to see what all the hubbub is about, bub. I’m also extremely curious to see how rising star Justin Greenwood (Wasteland, The Fuse) is going to handle his turn with Greg Rucka’s down-on-her-luck private investigator in Stumptown: Vol. 3 #1, and in any other week, this would probably have garnered the top spot. But, I’ve got to go with an old favorite in Wasteland #57 (Oni Press). With series co-creator Chris Mitten back on pencils, and the final arc chugging hard toward its planned conclusion at #60, the series has never been better. We’re finally getting answers about the origins of The Big Wet, and I never would have suspected these socially charged flashbacks to be so captivating. Wasteland has vaulted to the top of the reading pile every week it’s been released because the mystery that Antony Johnston has been penning for years is finally revealing itself, and I’ve been savoring every panel.  


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