Thirteen Minutes Nominated For 2014 BEST WEBSITE

I’m humbled again to report that Thirteen Minutes was nominated for the 5th year running in the BEST WEBSITE category in the annual PCG Paradoscars 2014. There are some outstanding nominees in all categories, including personal favorites like Lazarus as Best Series, Callum Israel as Best Character, and Dean White as Best Colorist, so get out and vote! I'm up against those evil mega-corporations like Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool, and Comic Vine, so I need your vote!

Despite multiple nominations and a surprise win in this category back in 2011, I'm very much an underdog, so I'm shamelessly asking for your support. Please get out and vote (it really takes less than 30 seconds with their new Survey Monkey!) for all your favorites. If you’ve enjoyed any of my work, please vote, blog, tweet, and encourage your friends to do the same! CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW!


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