"Why Columbus Day Would Never Have Been A Holiday In Roma Occidens"

Thanks to the folks over at Stela who've created a thoughtful post for the now controversial Columbus Day, juxtaposing it with Rome West Chapter 5, now available on the Stela app. As an Italian-American, a fiercely proud Italian-American, I want to acknowledge his momentous voyage for Spain, but you can't do so without also acknowledging the harsh realities of his arrival and his brutal interactions with the indigenous people.

When Christopher Columbus arrives in the Arawak Islands in 1492, our alt history 1492, he's met by a hybrid Native American/Roman Legion on the beach. Let's just say that things don't really go too well for him. You've never seen anything like it. Rome West is written by me and Brian Wood, with art by Andrea Mutti, colors by Vladimir Popov, and letters by Sal Cipriano.


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