Rome West


* Named one of The Best Comics of July 2018 @ Barnes & Noble

* Named one of The Top 100 Comics of 2018 @ Geek Cast Radio

* Named one of IGN's Top 5 Comics to Buy of July 2018

* Named one of journalist Paul Gravett’s Top 20 Comics of July 2018

“The scope of the work is ambitious and touches upon major themes of revolution, expansion, and memory.”
-Christopher Trinacty, Associate Professor of Classics, Oberlin College

“Wood and Giampaoli took a gamble with Rome West, but I love everything about it. It’s a story I would highly recommend to anyone.”
-Adventures in Poor Taste

“Rome West does what any good alternate history graphic novel is supposed to do, keep you entertained while you go on a voyage through time.”
-Review Fix

“Clever, intriguing, and wildly imaginative without venturing too far outside of the boundaries of established history, accompanied by the astonishing, incredibly life-like art of Andrea Mutti.”
-Mass Movement (UK)

“Rome West is a demanding and inspired concept. The intelligence of the writers is to constantly rely on real history to put into perspective the idea of ​​human recurrence.”
-Regard Critique (France)

“It’s the little conceits, such as an insurgent group centuries later being called the ‘Sons of Columbus,’ that help make this such an engrossing read.”
-Page 45

“Rome West is a brave new world.”
-Comics Bulletin

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