Starship Down

While the industry had the majority of its operations on pandemic hiatus, Starship Down #1 managed to slip past the blockade. While the single issues have since been cancelled as a pandemic casualty, the TPB collecting all four issues will debut October 21st, 2020. Diamond Order Code: JUN200336


* Named one of Writer Paul Cornell's Favorite Comics of 2020

"Starship Down maintains a furious originality that’s kicked into hyper-drive by eye popping, sumptuously detailed artwork."
"Starship Down could easily become one of this year's sleeper hits."

-Tim Cundle, Mass Movement UK

"Starship Down hits all of the right notes. It has the polish of a big-budget sci-fi movie, and the characters are unique and distinctive."
-Fanbase Press

"The thought and care present in these pages, articulated with proper Siberian grit by Andrea Mutti, sets Starship Down apart from so many other sci-fi series today."
-Chase Magnett, ComicBook.com

"The book has ambitious scope, and Andrea Mutti’s art labours hard to evoke that from the first page."
-Paradox Comics

"The art is some of the best work of Andrea Mutti's career."
-Forces of Geek

"I was blown away by what I saw here."
-Reading With A Flight Ring

"The plot has all the makings of a great movie."
-Super Powered Fancast

"This feels like a big deal."
-Justin Greenwood (Crone, The Fuse, Stumptown)

"Pick of the Week"
-Black Dog Comics

"If you're hankering for a modern day sci-fi mystery that's smartly written, expertly illustrated, and ignites a spark of intrigue for future issues, then Starship Down is a must-read."
-The Brazen Bull

"It's the kind of intriguing and potentially disturbing set-up of some of the best sci-fi/horror stories."
"Comic of the Week"

-Comics Bookcase

"Starship Down is quite the cocktail of elements. It's really refreshing to see the three principle artists working on this issue coming together in this manner. Writer Justin Giampaoli has clearly done his research, the story is told with heaps of credibility."
-Major Spoilers

"The art is lovely. The story is smartly written. This book really impressed me. It grabs you from the first page. 4/4 Stars."
-Pop Culture Squad

"Starship Down is a smart piece of grounded sci-fi."

"I'm a sucker for stories like this."
-Fandom Post

"What's at stake here is the very nature of human existence."
-Rogues Portal

"This comic brings me all the things I love. Starship Down is the perfect comic."
-Comic News Insider


Starship Down #4 [New Book]

Previews for June is up, so don’t miss Starship Down #4. Witness the final fate of Dr. Jocelyn Young, Cardinal Dominik Arns, and Lt. Cmdr. James Trent. 

Writer: Justin Giampaoli
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Colorist: Vladimir Popov
Letterer: Sal Cipriano
Editor: Spencer Cushing
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Order Code: APR200377 
On Sale: June 24, 2020