Egle and the Snake by Joana Estrela (Mini Kus! #89)

Estrela presents the story with very bold artistic choices, using minimalist imagery that suggests forms, shapes, and actions with the fewest lines and most restrained infusion of color possible. Inspired by Lithuanian folklore, Egle and the Snake is a sharp reminder that life rarely goes according to plan. Egle's chance encounter with the titular Snake asks to what degree we should be open to these new unplanned experiences, and to what degree we should be guarded in the modern world against temptation and those who would seek to take advantage of us. The Snake appears affable and genuine at first, slowly ingratiating himself to Egle, and it becomes a slippery slope of impending trouble. Joana Estrela's work starkly encourages us to find this balance in life, between being open and not stifling ourselves from new experiences, but to develop a kind of situational awareness for the dangers which may lay in wait. 


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