Sufficient Lucidity by Tommi Parrish (Mini Kus! #91)

Parrish's use of long languid figures that fully inhabit the panels is just gorgeous. The figures are then placed in very confidently rendered architectural spaces, with the hardscapes and landscapes being neatly arranged with light-sourcing expertly controlled by the artist. Sufficient Lucidity seems initially concerned with the concept of possession in the modern world as an individual attempts to reclaim their cat from former roommates, but it really transcends to become about the strain of failing relationships in a more general sense. We quickly learn that repairing such interpersonal dynamics has to start with an examination of self. Parrish also injects the work with other tensions, such as the differences between communal urban living and rural tranquility ("...stranded in the woods with all these guitar boys and straight people."). It builds to the understanding that by providing contrast between what we're accustomed to, and new surroundings with an altered context, we can achieve these lucid moments of honesty that clarify our own feelings and allow us a platform from which we can successfully engage with others. 


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