BLINK by Martin Lopez Lam (Mini Kus! #97)

It would be tempting to dismiss BLINK at first glance as some sort of lazy art school collage exercise, but more careful examination uncovers what is probably one of the best comics of the year. BLINK slowly reveals itself as a wasteland of detritus filled with improbable figures bearing a vaguely Mesoamerican glyph aesthetic. There are subtle pop culture elements, scant few words, and no real dialogue. Yet, the chaotic sensory overload perfectly encapsulates our Modern Age, with skylines, figures, conflict, and culture, from the agrarian to the industrial, it's like a survey of our existence. It somehow perfectly catalogs our innate feelings, scattered thoughts on deities, commerce, subjugation, wordless but not without insight, panic and prescience coalescing toward something you instantly identify with, documenting the zeitgeist of the now. BLINK is just that, a camera frame perfectly capturing a moment in time with the snap of a shutter that reflects our overwhelming reality.


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