World Ceramic Fair by Jooyoung Kim (Mini Kus! #98)

Kim's simple flat figures and restrained ink washes belie the important and direct commentary about racism and xenophobia contained within the pages. While World Ceramic Fair is indeed a whirlwind tour through such an event, it's also quick to display the diverse archetypes of any subculture; in this setting it's those we often associate with creators and consumers. While the consumers may be well-meaning (at best), they're actually severely inept, proffering misunderstandings that provide humorous fuel for the plot and propel the narrative, and their cringe-y antics also serve as stand-ins for creative types to wonder over. Whether you're an artist, writer, sculptor, or critic (ahem) in any medium, we all wonder if we ever occasionally challenge an audience, actually sway an opinion, move the sales needle beyond negligible impact, or just preach to our own loyal little echo chamber.


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