10 Sim Lane by Essi Nieminen (Mini Kus! #102)

The cutaway diagram of the house at 10 Sim Lane quickly pulls out to reveal the protagonist of the story engaging in similar activities as her avatar in the online game simulation. Nieminen employs a clever choice with the palette by showing the simulated activities in vibrant color, while the real-life sequences are in bland black and white. This really upends the line between fantasy and reality, and is a dire reminder that through all the seasons of the game - nay, all the seasons of our lives - we sometimes become so focused on external distractions like games, iPhones, and ephemera, that we can abandon our own internal well-being and the things in life that actually matter. The protagonist is so consumed with the antics of her online avatar, that she seemingly abandons her own base necessities like food, and the ability to have social interactions that aren't fraught with awkward apprehension. The games are, of course, not only how our own little worlds can crumble, but how entire empires can fall without an engaged citizenry. 


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