Flowers Intertwined by Ema Gaspar (Mini Kus! #99)

Flowers Intertwined uses pastel colors with soft textured edges and free-floating text to tell the story of a girl bound to water a vase. There are visages of angels hidden in the floral backgrounds that provide a clue as to the nature of the themes at play. We're left to wonder if the proverbial devils and angels are watching over us, monitoring these daily mundane tasks and passing some sort of cosmic judgment. Gaspar dives into the notion of our "shadow selves," the faint impulses taking us places, good or bad, and if we can ever break free of those base temptations, establishing some sort of agency of character to reveal our true selves. For me, this notion seems to culminate with the line "...getting to know the darkness in me could transform me into something more beautiful..." which is a lovely moment of self-acceptance. 


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