Long Live the Witches by Valentine Gallardo (Mini Kus! #100)

If nothing else, Long Live the Witches is deserving of acclaim for the distinction of reaching the century milestone. Yes, it's the 100th mini kus! offered by literally my favorite publisher on the planet. Luckily, Valentine Gallardo's tale of Elsie and her grandmother living on the outskirts with protection spells to ward off the villagers in plague times is worthy of praise based on its own merits. The Plague Doctor warns of the witchcraft from the so-called "wise women," which is a stark reminder that often times those with common sense can offer more aid than those with pious beliefs. The purple color motif showcases these wise women gathering elements from the natural world to form their heady brew, not unlike the process of gathering ideas, skills, and inspiration to make comics. So, yes, Love Live the Witches, but also, Long Live Kus Comics!


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