Survival Mode by Dileydi Florez (Mini Kus! #101)

In a very high level denouement, Florez reveals that Survival Mode is concerned with the revitalization of the Icelandic ecosystem. The path to get there is more luxurious and more immediately concerned with the mushroom foraging friendship of long lean figures ready for adventure in colorful backgrounds. The friends hail from Portugal, Poland, and Iceland, an odd conglomeration of countries that reminds us of the transcendent global nature of environmentalism. In the plot, the group is quick to showcase the culinary versatility of mushrooms, and the characters revel in the details, sharing knowledge about a subject they enjoy. This is a good example of just living life amid more pressing global concerns. The lush green landscape is very effective at displaying the natural beauty of the dense wooded areas, and while the ultimate message about restoring the balance in nature is a bit on the nose, I really enjoyed the secondary advice about enjoying your existence. It's perhaps best summed up by an early sign in the background that reads: DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. 


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