Grandad Reg by Patrick Wray & Clara Heathcock (Mini Kus! #103)

Grandad Reg contends with a universal theme present in the human condition, which is how to deal with loss, in both big gestural and small meaningful ways. The bright eye-catching colors match what feels like a larger than life personality. The creators are careful to show the passage of time, using clever things like a repeated panel/page right at the middle of the book that flows like a staccato double-page spread, emphasizing the repetitive nature of seemingly endless and indistinguishable days during COVID-19 lockdown. The most poignant moment for me was the realization of the protagonist that both the public rituals and private processing time can be valuable in considering loved ones, loss, and what it all means in the grand scheme of things, punctuated by small gestures or efforts to keep their memories alive.


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