Li'l Jormly by Christopher Sperandio (Mini Kus! #105)

This is a very wry look at our collective existence, or existential crises, as Li'l Jormly endures the three apocalypses of Climate Change! Atomic War! and A.I. Disaster! As he attempts to find his family, the book morphs into an interactive series of games and brain-teasers designed to emphasize the impossibility of his journey, all in a rough-hewn retro Sunday newsprint aesthetic. The games visually appear innocuous and playful, but are sarcastic and biting, sometimes with no viable outcome, or containing dreadfully pessimistic hidden messages like "Love Is A Fiction." If you're in the mood for delightful cynicism laced with insightful social commentary, as I usually am(!), then you should enjoy it immensely.


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