Dawn of The Living Dead Near Kotka Morgue by Marko Turunen (Mini Kus! #106)

Our protagonist navigates what looks like a surreal hellscape, filled with maroon skies, somber blue nights, and fiery anthropomorphized creatures dotting the horizon. It's all a stark reminder that we are ALL aliens in some sense, perpetual outsiders attempting to belong, conform, or befriend. Katka Morgue has some vaguely familiar trappings of a city or neighborhood inhabited by people attempting to carry on with their rote tasks during a pandemic, but it amps up the paranoia to a hard extreme to see what the logical outcome might look like, and it's rather shocking, not unlike the large cat sitting in a Hindu godlike posture with an erect lipstick penis(!). This is one of the better pandemic-inspired comics I've read in the last couple of years.


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