Jumping Things by Klara Zahradkova (Mini Kus! #109)

Jumping Things is, at times, a challenging work that centers on how easy it is to feel lost in the modern era. We're all inhabiting worlds, whether realistic or fanciful, and those worlds, or lives that we create for ourselves, are really only limited by our own imagination. It's about reconciling the divide between what our heads think and what our hearts want, and I think the disembodied head that joins our protagonist is a stand-in for that aspect of her psyche. Zahradkova uses pale ink and line weights that are affable and engaging, designs which pull the reader in, causing us to consider other worlds and lifestyles that we might also inhabit. Our minds may logically know that we sometimes need a healthy change, but our hearts sometimes lag in catching up and arriving at the same full-bodied conclusion. It doesn't matter if it's a fanciful journey to the stars like we see in the end of the book, or a more grounded life change, as we're reminded - the connection is what's important - and only our hearts can truly feel that.


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