La fleur au fusil by Pia-Melissa Laroche (Mini Kus! #110)

Laroche offers a wordless tale in La fleur au fusil that reminds us to sometimes just put forth energy into the world, and see what happens, even if a desired outcome seems improbable, untenable, or outright impossible. The cavalier energy that's created is unpredictable, and life has a certain chaos magic that can be revisited upon the originator in unexpected ways. As our young archer learns, targets may be more difficult than anticipated, new allies may materialize, and our tools of choice can change through acquired knowledge, all yielding unforeseen positive results. As the narrative unfurls almost like a side-scrolling 1980's video game, we learn that the outcomes we often covet cannot be specifically planned, we must simply surrender to the pull of life with the confident and carefree energy of the title, and patiently await for our path to emerge.


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