The Apartment by Joana Mosi (Mini Kus! #108)

The Apartment is probably one of the best books of the year, expertly controlling the color palette to not only set scenes, but depict mood, and show gradual changes in narrative familiarity from acceptance, to annoyance, to resentment. When two people occupy the same spaces for long periods of time, things can happen, growth and learning stall and accelerate, attitudes are informed by different stressors, support is offered or withdrawn, and our willingness to engage can wither. Do we mask our true feelings after so much time invested, or find the courage to discontinue an established process? The Apartment is deceptive in that the arguments we share are rarely about their superficial trappings, i.e., which apartment is better? or what stuff do we occupy it with?, and are usually fueled by a deeper context of unhappiness.


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