12.19.07 Comics

I tried and I tried, but it seems the time to read and review this week's books just isn't going to materialize. Blame the new job, new house, and holiday travel. As Han said in Bespin: "It's not my fault!" Here's a run down of what I picked up this week...

Special Forces #2 (Image): The first issue of the latest Kyle Baker project was a pleasant surprise and I'm anxious to see if the second issue holds up.

The Mighty Avengers #6 (Marvel): I've had some issues with the storytelling conceits here and there, but my, that Frank Cho. His art sure is purdy!

Immortal Iron Fist #11 (Marvel): Frubaker and Brubaction, along with artist David Aja, never really disappoint with this title. They've made kung fu comics with a soul that work again.

Ex Machina #33 (DC/Wildstorm): I believe this is the last issue of this arc, I'm considering switching to "wait for the trade" after this arc concludes. Yes? No? What do you think?

Robotika: For a Few Rubles More #1 (Archaia Studios Press): This is the only series from ASP that I've yet to sample and it's generally been getting positive buzz all across the blogosphere.

Checkmate #21 (DC): In lieu of any Rucka espionage work from Oni Press, I'll have to make do with this DCU version of "Queen & Country: Lite."

The Umbrella Academy #4 (Dark Horse): Curious to see how this mini-series will begin to wind down and if I'll be picking up future installments.

The Circle #2 (Image): As with Special Forces, the first issue was a surprisingly good time, I hope the creative team can keep up the momentum!

The Iliad #1 (Marvel): These Marvel adaptations can be pretty dry and dense at times, but I have an... *ahem* Achilles Heel for the Trojan War as subject matter.

The Walking Dead Hardcover: Volume 3 (Image): I've been reading The Walking Dead exclusively in this oversized hardcover format, so I'm excited to read the next big chunk in the saga.

Remember that in most parts of the US, comics don't come out until Friday of next week, so "au revoir, mes amis" until then. Happy Holidays!


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