3.05.08 Reviews (Part 2)

Northlanders #4 (DC/Vertigo): Sven gets a brief respite from the eventual assault directed by Uncle Gorm, as the natural cycles and rhythms of the North play out in an understated and beautiful way. Brian Wood has got to be the most grateful young writer at DC right now, as he's continually getting paired with brilliant artists who will no doubt be the superstars of tomorrow. First it was Burchielli on DMZ and now we have Gianfelice on this title. I enjoyed the introspective tone of Sven in this issue; he's starting to fully comprehend that his actions have an effect on those around him, which can sometimes be tragic. The little details in Wood's script shine here. Case in point, "whatever the afterlife, Norse or Muslim, or even that of the White Christ." In the hands of a lesser writer that last bit would have simply referred to "Christians" and not have been terribly distinct. But our man Brian Wood understands the subtle nuances of word choice that make his language use rich and unique. Sven himself is a wonderful protagonist because he isn't simply a mindless brawler; he's a warrior with the soul of a poet. Grade A.

Note: Ok, maybe I should have said 3.05.08 Review, but the remaining handful of reviews for the week should be up some time this weekend!


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