"It Does Not Bother Me To Say This Isn't Love"

I understand that there were some printing issue with Phonogram 2: The Singles Club #5 (Image) that resulted in it being largely pulled from distribution and pulped, so that explains that one. But once again, Good Ol’ Sea Donkey mysteriously didn’t get Terry Moore’s Echo #16 (Abstract Studio) today. Whatever, dude. I also didn’t pick up the Batman/Doc Savage Special #1 (DC). The premise for the “First Wave” line still intrigues me, and I might pick up the mini-series with Rags Morales’ art, but this just didn’t pass the casual flip test. Phil Noto’s art just looked very stiff, cold, and sterile, with fairly skimpy backgrounds. The advance reviews have also been less than stellar.

PS - I think this is my favorite pic of Sea Donkey that I've come across thus far in my travels across the netwebs.


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