Coming This Week: “Fat Man Sitting On A Little Stool Takes The Money From My Hand While His Eyes Take A Walk All Over You”

This week, I’m looking forward to DMZ #49 (DC/Vertigo), which promises to be so game-changing that the cover was redacted. What might be blind marketing hyperbole coming from a lesser writer, I tend to trust coming from the hands of Brian Wood. I’m also excited about the blowout of artistic talent on the horizon that #50 is looking to be. And... damn... can you believe it's been 50 issues? I still remember picking up the first ish off the stands! I’ll also be picking up Invincible Iron Man #22 (Marvel) and maintain that this is the best thing Matt Fraction is writing at the moment, also doubling as the best title that Marvel currently has on the stands, they’ve somehow managed not to muck up the creative team or derail it with crossover madness. SWORD #3 (Marvel) will likely be the issue by which I determine if I’ll be continuing on with the series or not. Though that solicited teaser image for the cover of #5 looks damn enticing. Along those lines, I feel like Daytripper #2 (DC/Vertigo) will determine if I march on for all 10 issues of this series. There’s no arguing the art is breathtaking, but the story just hasn’t grabbed me. Finally arriving is the No Hero TPB (Avatar Press), a mini-series I stopped getting around issue 3 purely for financial reasons. I’m looking forward to reading this in its entirety, though the quality and artist (not Juan Jose Ryp) of Supergod does tend to render the triptych of loosely connected thematic examinations inconsistent and generally a let down. I was surprised to see Blade of the Immortal: Volume 22 (Dark Horse) out this week; a great series that I’ve read up until about Volume 15 or so and always say I should get caught up on. It’s one of the titles I mention when people say they don’t like/don’t read manga, as in “oh, have you checked out Blade of the Immortal?”


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