Coming This Week: "The Western Summit Is Called The Masai Ngaje Ngai, The House Of God"

In the “yes children, sometimes pigs really do fly and hell actually does freeze over” category, it’s the Absolute Planetary HC: Book 02 (DC/Wildstorm). It’s $75 and I won’t bat an eye, finally putting to bed one of the best modern series ever created in the definitive format. DC keeps the roll going, offering Daytripper #8 (DC/Vertigo), probably a contender for one of “My 13 Favorite Things of 2010” series, along with DMZ #55 (DC/Vertigo). Brian Wood enters a 5-issue arc of single issue stories. These little forays are always interesting and I think the Wilson story is in this arc somewhere, looking forward to that examination of one of the more enigmatic figures in the DMZ. Matt Fraction and Sal Larroca keep after it with Invincible Iron Man #28 (Marvel). Toward the indie side of the equation, we have The Killer: Modus Vivendi #4 (Archaia) and Terry Moore’s Echo #23 (Abstract Studio), which he’s recently indicated will wrap up sometime in early/mid 2011.

Ordinarily, I’d also be buying the new Matt Kindt project, Revolver HC (DC/Vertigo). However, I’m going to take the gamble that Kindt will be at the Top Shelf booth at SDCC next week (as he usually is) and that everyone will be mature and understanding enough to let him sell copies of this book, even though it’s published by DC and not Top Shelf. I’d rather get it from him personally, hand the creator the money, and probably get a nifty sketch along with it, than blindly hand my money to Sea Donkey. Also of interest is the Uncanny X-Men: Heroic Age #1 (Marvel), simply because it’s Fraction writing, with Whilce Portacio, Jamie McKelvie, and Steven Sanders penciling three different stories. I’m very interested in the latter two of those three. Similarly, X-Force: Sex & Violence #1 (Marvel) could be a guilty pleasure, focusing on Domino and written by the surprisingly great duo of Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, certainly two of the unsung X-writers currently at it. Lastly, Sweets #1 (Image) piqued my curiosity, with a newcomer on writing/art, but a beautiful cover and contents concerning a New Orleans murder mystery.


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