Coming This Week: "I Can See The Moon From My Backyard, So Now I'm An Astrophysicist"

What a weird week. I guess everyone blew their proverbial publishing wad at the San Diego Comic Con recently, because it’s actually theoretically possible that I won’t buy a single book this week. There’s not a single title out that I regularly buy, but certainly some items of interest. I suppose SHIELD #3 (Marvel) would have had the best shot at making it home, the egregious cover typo notwithstanding. “You see, son, back in my day there used to be an occupation called an ‘editor,’ and one of their many responsibilities was to perform a bit of quality assurance regarding typographical errors prior to the printing process in order to…” Things like video game spin-off Kane & Lynch #1 (DC/Wildstorm) aren’t normally in my wheelhouse, but I’m curious to see where Christopher Mitten goes with his artistic chops after his shocking departure from Wasteland. Ditto those sentiments for James Patteron’s Murder of King Tut #3 (IDW). I suppose I wasn’t paying attention to the first two issues, since “IDW” and “James Patterson” aren’t huge draws for me, but I’ll give it the requisite casual flip test at the LCS to behold Mitten’s art. Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1 (DC/Elseworlds) doesn’t interest me in the slightest, other than to cite the footnote that it comes under the stagnant out of canon Elseworlds banner, which was supposedly abandoned long ago. With the re-introduction of the multiverse, is this really necessary? Can’t there just be an Earth-E or whatever where all the Elseworlds concepts go to die? Does it really need a separate imprint? Nancy In Hell #1 (Image) looks exactly like the type of book they should have stopped publishing in the 90’s, with its stripper chicks fighting demons general aesthetic, but with the inimitable Juan Jose Ryp on art, it’s hard not to give it a look. Last up is the chronically late Warren Ellis and his latest lament for lateness Supergod #4 (Avatar). I enjoyed Black Summer and No Hero, but without Juan Jose Ryp on art and more latey lateness than usual, I tuned out a few months ago around the second issue.


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