Coming This Week: According To My Calculations This Week, If It Wasn’t For Brian Wood, There’s A 75% Chance I Wouldn’t Be Reading Comics At All

I just re-read the first five issues of DV8 over the weekend and it reads even better in one sitting. I truly believe this is a classic in the making, so I’m most excited for DV8: Gods & Monsters #6 (DC/Wildstorm) out of this week’s expected arrivals. Next up is DMZ #57 (DC/Vertigo), which will return to the character of Amina. Now, the solicit text indicates that Nathan Fox will be on art chores, however the cover image for the issue indicates it’s Cliff Chiang. I’m not sure which is correct. I spoke with Nathan Fox at SDCC this year and he did say he had an issue of DMZ coming up, but he is known to pop in and out periodically. Either way, this is really win-win. Nathan Fox and Cliff Chiang are two of my favorite artists working today and I’d love to see either of them contribute. The Brian Wood trio of titles completes the trifecta with Northlanders #32 (DC/Vertigo) hitting the stands. Last up is Joe The Barbarian #7 (DC/Vertigo), Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy comprising that slim 25% likelihood that I still would be reading comics this week without Brian Wood. For any creator working today, seeing three titles hit the shelves in one week is an impressive pile of output. That said, let’s go ahead and call this the official “Brian Wood Week” here at 13 Minutes. Stay tuned later today as we kick off a humongous BRIAN WOOD PROJECT!


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