10.13.10 Reviews: If Twitter Were In Charge

Strange Tales 2 #1 (Marvel): Somewhere exists an alternate universe where I can buy regular ongoing series featuring these characters & these creators. Grampa on Wolvie, Santoro on Surfer. “A+”

Echo #25 (Abstract Studio): Best lettering in business. Masterful facial expressions and dedication to detail. Genetic arguments, biblical sacrifice. Science vs. War = Art vs. Commerce. “A”

Invincible Iron Man #31 (Marvel): Best book Marvel is publishing. Larroca captures split second action very well. Art gaffe on hands. Loved “sabot.” Chess game between Tony & ruthless Justine. “A”

Northlanders #33 (DC/Vertigo): Erik & Ingrid as Viking Bonnie & Clyde. Chilling narrative with Norse & Christians opposed. Scavengers. Guilt. “Draugr.” Fear vs. Fearless. What is myth? “A-"

Warlord of Mars #1 (Dynamite Entertainment): For only $1, very striking and lush visuals, a satisfying pulpy mélange of qualities, could be back for more. Cheesy variant covers, creatures a little silly. “A-”

Sweets #3 (Image): Sea Donkey strikes again. Pissed at LCS. Carries issue one and two of a mini-series that’s critically acclaimed and then doesn’t order third issue. Seriously, WTF.


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