10.06.10 Releases: "Always Double Down On Eleven"

The highlight of the week is probably the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2010 (Image). It really never ceases to be an all star roster of talent, last year’s issue brought us a Jennie One story from Brian Wood, and hey, it’ s all for a great cause. This year’s writers run the range from Evan Dorkin to Brian Azzarello, Scott Morse and Gail Simone to Thomas Jefferson and Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon. On the art side of the house, I see stalwart contributor Dave Gibbons, Amanda Conner, Colleen Doran, Darick Robertson, and favorites like Terry Moore and Paul Pope. Marvel’s got a trio of “maybes” on deck for me. Call me a sucker, but Uncanny X-Force #1 (Marvel) does look interesting. With the creative team from Fear Agent, Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, I’m expecting big fun action. The premise of Wolverine having lied about disbanding X-Force also ratchets up the tension between Scott and Logan, throw in Apocalypse as the villain, 40 pages for $3.99, and the 20 year old in me wants to buy this! I’m still having a hard time understanding exactly what the heck is going on in SHIELD and just what everyone’s motivations are, but there’s no denying it’s gorgeous looking, so I might snag SHIELD #4 (Marvel). Along those lines, Chaos War #1 (Marvel) has art that’s very striking. I don’t even know the premise of the war, Marvel’s magical mayhem is typically a total snoozer for me, and I’m pretty out on event comics as a whole, but stranger things have happened, and I could end up taking this home. DC comes in with a lone entry, Jason Aaron’s Scalped #41 (DC/Vertigo), which is always excellent. If you’re not buying it, then shame on you. Lone Ranger #24 (Dynamite Entertainment) makes an appearance this week, which is yet another issue in this long (late) arc. I’m still planning on tradewaiting this once this arc is complete and I can have a nice tidy jumping off point, though it feels like I’ve been saying that for a year. I’d love to be buying a regular book with Juan Jose Ryp art, but unfortunately Nancy In Hell #3 (Image) just isn’t cutting it in terms of story and characters. That definitely won’t be coming home, but if you’re a diehard Ryp completist, take note.


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