11.24.10 Releases: "Can I Squeeze Three At Your Cherry M3?"

After a few really slow weeks, it looks like every book I’m still buying regularly seems to be hitting the shelves this week. Batwoman #0 (DC) has fan favorite JH Williams III returning to penciling duties, along with Amy Reeder (who was Amy Reeder Hadley on Madame Xanadu) filling in on art every other arc. This time, Jim takes on the writing duties also, assisted by novelist W. Haden Blackman. It seems like Brian Wood and I were just talking about who he’d like to work with, so it’s pretty awesome to see David Lapham’s name attached to DMZ #59 (DC/Vertigo). It’s time for another couple of stand alone issues featuring some bit players, so Scalped #43 (DC/Vertigo) pairs writer Jason Aaron with artist Jason Latour and addresses Sheriff Karnow. On the superhero front, it’s old reliable Invincible Iron Man #32 (Marvel), along with Uncanny X-Men #530 (Marvel), and the newest guilty pleasure Uncanny X-Force #2 (Marvel). Funny how the three DC books I want this week are all $2.99, while all three Marvel books I’m interested in are all $3.99. What's that about? I’m just sayin’. I haven’t paid any attention to this book since the first few arcs of the first incarnation by Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord, but Conan The Cimmerian #25 (Dark Horse) marks the final issue of this title. Maybe this is a wholly prurient entry, but hey, I am a guy, and those J. Scott Campbell women are fun to look at; Dynamite has secured the rights to some old Harris properties, with Vampirella #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) shipping this week too.


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