2.09.11 Releases

There are new installments of two great series due out this week. The first is Northlanders #37 (DC/Vertigo), from Brian Wood and artist Simon Gane. This is the first issue in The Siege of Paris arc, and with Gane’s gorgeous art, it’s as good a time as any to hop on for what’s sure to be a wild ride. Next up is Antony Johnston’s post-apocalyptic epic Wasteland #30 (Oni Press). There’s been some delay and a shift in creative duties, but I think I have it all sorted and hopefully this will be the first of many issues cranked out this year. It appears that artist Remington Veteto will finish out this arc (to #33), and then artist Justin Greenwood will provide interior art for the next arc. Original series artist Christopher Mitten will be taking over cover duties for Ben Templesmith with issue #33 as well. Templesmith has provided covers and a stunning aesthetic for the series to date, but I really am excited to see more of Mitten’s work in color, and it’s a nice way to keep him involved with the series he helped launch. Johnston has also posted that he’s plotted the series out to a final installment with issue #60, which even at a brisk probably-not-monthly pace, means we've got, at the very least, two and a half years of Wasteland left to look forward to on the horizon.


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