5.04.11 Releases

For my purposes, this seems like a fairly smallish week. I’m probably most looking forward to Uncanny X-Force #9 (Marvel) from Rick Remender and Billy Tan, who have crafted an entertaining and visually delightful morality play that operates at a brisk pace. This issue promises to increase tension as Magneto learns of the existence of a covert death squad entitled X-Force. The House of Ideas also offers up Moon Knight #1 (Marvel), which may or may not pass the casual flip test at the store and actually make it home. Standing even less of a chance is Fear Itself #2 (Marvel); after just one issue, I think I’m out on the whole affair. On one hand, I guess there is some residual teenager in me that is curious about all the big slam-bang and wants to keep tabs on the happenings in the Marvel U, but the adult with a more sophisticated palette couldn’t care less about supporting non-event events and the Asgardian lore this is so bitterly steeped in. Blue Estate #2 (Image) will not be purchased, because I thought the first issue was a hot mess, but man, those covers sure are purdy. Finally, on the collected edition front, DMZ Volume 10: Collective Punishment (DC/Vertigo) collects one of the final rounds of one-shot issues in Brian Wood’s speculative political fiction opus. There’s only going to be 12 volumes in total, so get caught up now and ride the final year out with us over at LIVE FROM THE DMZ. This volume contains a plethora of talent, from Nathan Fox to Cliff Chiang, David Lapham, and Danijel Zezelj, who chronicles the last story with street artist Decade Later. It's one of the strongest single issues of the entire series to date. Don’t miss it.


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