7.20.11 Releases

Trying to find new comics the week of Comic-Con is kind of like trying to find comics at Comic-Con itself. There's a lot of other noise, but you really have to look carefully to find anything good. Without a doubt, the pick of the week is DMZ #67 (DC/Vertigo). It’s officially the beginning of the end, as the very last arc begins. “The Five Nations of New York” is billed as a 5 part story, which curiously takes us to issue 71. Yet, there’s supposed to be 72 issues, so I wonder if that means there’s some big special blowout issue for the last one? Anyway, the only other thing even marginally interesting to me is Marksman #1 (Image Comics). Image can’t seem to decide what the title of this 6 issue mini is, frequently listing it as “Marksmen,” but the book itself has “Marksman” on it, so let’s go with that. The solicit blurb sounds like a mish-mash of plot outlines cribbed from at least 3 other post-apocalyptic properties (some of Antony Johnston’s Wasteland, some of Denzel’s Book of Eli, hell, even some of Brian Wood’s DMZ…), and I don’t know, a protagonist named “Drake McCoy” just reeks of a fictional desperate grab at “hip,” BUT it’s 32 pages for the teaser rate of just $1, so I might actually give it a go.


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