8.24.11 Releases

The premise of being dropped into a virtual world with help from Oracle is interesting, so I’m looking forward to Batman Incorporated #8 (DC) from Grant Morrison, though I do wish Chris Burnham was handling the interior art as well as the cover. Brian Wood continues his drive to final issue #50 as he chronicles The Icelandic Trilogy, with Northlanders #43 (DC/Vertigo) also out this week. I picked up the first issue of the new DHP and can’t say I was all that impressed, (especially for $7.99!), but I noticed that Dark Horse Presents #3 (Dark Horse) is out this week. With Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson’s impending serial The Massive being included starting in January, I should start paying a little more attention to this book. Just sayin’. I’ll also be picking up Uncanny X-Force #13 (Marvel) to see if Remender can get this book back on track, and Spontaneous #3 (Oni Press), which is an off-beat series I picked up from writer Joe Harris at SDCC this year. Overall, it’s not a bad week for me, lots of diversity to enjoy. What looks good to you?


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Matt C said...

I think I'm going to have to check out Ultimate Comics Ultimates due to the creative team involved, even though I'm not that interested in the Ultimate Universe much these days and it has the stupidest title for a comic I've seen in a while!

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Justin said...

That title is a mouthful, but is that the one Hickman is on? His stuff is always worth a look!


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