9.19.12 Shipping Report

After the deluge of books last week, this week is a light one for me. The gem is GODZILLA: HALF CENTURY WAR #2 (IDW). The selling point for this book is a mere two words and captures both the art and the writing: James Stokoe. It’s the second of a 5-issue mini-series and if you’re a) somehow unaware of James Stokoe, and/or b) the type of person who misses the old Shaolin Cowboy series from Geoff Darrow, then you should be all over this. I’ll give BATWOMAN #0 (DC) a flip, even though I think it’s pretty silly that there already was a pre-New 52 #0 of this very series, from this very creative team, which was then not promptly followed up with the #1, which was delayed multiple times, to wait for the very New 52 enterprise that is now creating yet another #0. So, in this run which #0 comes first in continuity? Do I read the old #0, then this #0, then the series, or this #0, then the old #0, then the series? Talk about your multiversal time space continuum continuity paradoxes. I’ll also give GHOST #0 (Dark Horse) a flip, though I have to admit Kelly Sue DeConnick is a writer I have not yet seemed to warm to, but Phil Noto is always worth a look (when it comes out on time, heh). The GN action belongs, without a doubt this week, to 20TH CENTURY BOYS VOL. 22 (VizMedia), which means there are only two volumes of this series left to be translated! Apparently, “The Watchmen of Japan” will switch to 21ST CENTURY BOYS VOL. 1 and 2 for the final installments of the series, so keep an eye out for those toward the end of the year.


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