11.21.12 Shipping Report

There’s not much on the creator-owned front for me this week after the deluge of books I picked up last week. If there’s any exception to my no-fly rule on Marvel and DC fare (other than Brian Wood), it oughta’ be Jim Williams, still killing it with BATWOMAN #14 (DC). I think this may be the last issue of the team-up with Wonder Woman, which has been spectacular visually, but also in the way the pantheon of Greek Gods is being interpreted on the narrative end. At the House of Ideas, there’s a couple books worth mentioning. I’ll obviously be picking up Brian Wood’s ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #18.1 (Marvel), which is something of a stand-alone issue that contains some controversy, so I’m curious about that. The other one, and how nerdy is this, that I might be checking out is CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 (Marvel). I have no real interest in the character, Remender is a writer that I’ve only actually liked on two books previously (Fear Agent and Uncanny X-Force), Romita Jr.’s pencils can actually leave me cold sometimes, but I’m super stoked about Dean White being on colors. He’s, like, the best colorist and the previews I saw looked amazing. Yeah, pretty nerdy that I’d buy a book because of coloring when it’s otherwise devoid of much interest. Lastly, I was a little underwhelmed by #0 back in June if I recall, but I’ll probably flip through BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #1 (Avatar Press). No interest in the Alan Moore interview, but the other item they’re leading with is the “Top 100 Most Powerful People in Comics” and I’m interested to check out Johnston’s perception of who should make that list and to verify that I’ve once again maintained my long streak of not appearing on such lists.


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