01.23.13 Shipping Report

It’s a strong week, with THE MASSIVE #8 (Dark Horse) leading the pack, and MIND MGMT #7 (Dark Horse) hot on its heels. I’ll be curious to see how this volume of the title wraps up with STUMPTOWN VOL 2 #5 (Oni Press) also hitting the shelves. With the Brian Wood and Matt Kindt goodness I mentioned up top, here’s yet another title that was on my Best of 2012 list, it’s PROPHET #33 (Image). Lastly, as the lone corporate comic I show any interest in any longer, BATWOMAN #16 (DC) is also coming out this week. Enjoy the JH3 involvement while you can, because once Before Sandman comes out with Neil Gaiman, I think he'll be off the title for a good while.

Now here’s a whole string of titles that I would have once been pretty stoked about, but I’ll probably just give them a requisite flip at the LCS. Uncanny X-Force #1 is a title that I have no interest in the creators, but contains some cool characters. Young Avengers #1 is the opposite; don’t care about the characters much, but something I’d excitedly look at just for the Jamie McKelvie art. Uncanny Avengers #3 has that slick John Cassaday art, but the story has been a snoozer, and he’s not even staying on the book! I’ll boycott that just on principle. Avengers #3 is probably the closest to making it home, because regardless of writing, it’s Jerome Opena and Dean White on art. But, you know me, I’ll just skip all this noise and wait for the Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel debut of X-Men #1 in a couple months!


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