7.23.08 Comics

This will sound strangely familiar, but my San Diego Comic Con International schedule this week just isn't going to allow me the time to digest the material and post reviews. My unofficial Convention activities already started Monday afternoon with tours of the museum I work at for visiting friends and isn't going to let up from there. Regular reviews should return next week; in the interim, here's what I plan on picking up this week...

Wasteland #19 (Oni Press): Are you reading the best book from Oni Press? Do you understand that Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten are going to be rock stars?

Dan Dare #7 (Virgin Comics): Are you picking up the long awaited finale to this great sci-fi series? Will Dan finally defeat the Mekon?

Ambush Bug #1 (DC): Are you going to buy Keith Giffen's latest hilarity? Do you like to laugh?

DMZ #33 (DC/Vertigo): Are you one of the loyal readers who agrees this book is tied with Scalped as best Vertigo offering? You're not curious to see how the Parco Delgado arc turns out?

Black Summer #7 (Avatar Press): Are you rushing to the comic shop to purchase the last issue of Warren Ellis' superb blender of superhero/political commentary? Don't you love that Juan Jose Ryp art?


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