8.06.08 Comics

I promise this is the last time! For the third time this summer, my travel schedule is too tight this week to allow for reviews of new books. Until things settle down, here's what I plan on picking up;

Echo #5 (Abstract Studio): Every issue of Terry Moore's new project has been great; it's quickly achieved an automatic spot on the top of my reading pile.

Invincible Iron Man #4 (Marvel): Matt Fraction's name atop anything is pretty much an instant buy these days. He's really picked up where the movie and Ellis' Extremis run left off and kept running in an intelligent and entertaining direction.

The Killer #7 (Archaia Studios Press): I literally did a double take when I found this entry on Diamond's New Releases List this week. I love this book, but the publishing schedule has been nothing short of horrific. The last issue came out in October of '07, that's 10 months ago. Let's hope ASP can get all 10 issues out and traded up in a timely fashion. The inherent quality of this book really deserves all the momentum that timely publishing brings along with it.

Titanium Rain #1 (Archaia Studios Press): The promo art and teaser lines about this title do look intriguing, but I'm honestly quite skeptical of ASP's ability to get 12 issues of this book out in around a year (see above entry). But, I'll probably give it a shot if it passes the highly subjective casual flip test in the store.

DMZ Volume 5: The Hidden War (DC/Vertigo): Yes, I buy the single issues, upgrade to the trades, and then pass on the single issues to family, friends, or co-workers.


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