1.19.11 Releases

It’s a Brian Wood double-tap this week, starting off with DMZ #61 (DC/Vertigo). I’ve wanted to see more about how the FSA formed since day one of the series, so I’m really enjoying this short little arc that chronicles the outbreak of the movement. It’s also worth noting that this is the final year of DMZ, so get excited. DC seemed to really get behind long running series like 100 Bullets and Y: The Last Man when they were winding down, so it’d be great to see the same marketing push from them on one of my favorite Brian Wood books. Speaking of his output, we also get Northlanders #36 (DC/Vertigo), which wraps up the short two-parter “The Girl In The Ice,” along with frequent collaborator Becky Cloonan. We’re all pinching pennies, so it’s also worth a shout that these books are both still $2.99. Over at Marvel, Invincible Iron Man #500 (Marvel) is a little experiment that should still yield great results with Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca at the helm. Lastly, Nancy in Hell TPB (Image Comics) is the kind of book I’d buy, for a discount, at Amazon just to get a look at Juan Jose Ryp’s luscious art.


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