3.09.11 Releases

It really feels like another extremely dull week, especially considering that the two books I’m most interested in have about a 50/50 shot at showing up on the racks at Sea Donkey’s Grotto. First up is Captain Swing & The Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #3 (Avatar Press). It’s a shame that one of the most ambitious and creative scribes of our time insists on starting numerous series and then having them stall out with several month delays in between issues. It shouldn’t take a year and a half to two years to get a four issue mini-series out, sorry. Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunleavy deliver Comic Book Comics #5 (Evil Twin), which is the penultimate issue in this telling of the history of the medium in comics form. This issue addresses several lawsuits and I hope that we’ll eventually see a collected edition compiling some of these hard to find issues. I never even saw #4 on an LCS rack. DC gets around to re-issuing Vertigo Resurrected: Finals (DC), which was a brilliant little four issue mini-series from Will Pfeifer and Jill Thompson. I gave dozens of these sets away that I rescued from quarter bins in its day. It’s a self-aware satire about college kids preparing for life in a comic book world, sort of a more dark and biting version of the film Sky High, befitting the Vertigo imprint. Morgan Spurlock and a host of artists, including Tony Millionaire, deliver Supersized: Strange Tales of a Fast Food Culture (Dark Horse), which is sure to simultaneously entertain and disgust. And if you’re looking for one of the best X-franchise stories to debut in years, then you need to pick up Uncanny X-Force: The Apocalypse Solution (Marvel), which collects the heart-pounding, witty, and sharp character portrayals of the first four issues of the new saga.


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