Blogger Status Update

I really appreciate transparent communication. In case you're wondering where the recent posts have gone, the Blogger team explains recent technical difficulties. We should be back to normal shortly with no loss of fidelity.

UPDATE: By "shortly," I guess I meant a few hours. From what I can recall with my feeble human brain, we're missing just 4 posts, and one of them has now returned.

UPDATE 2: I've been perusing the Blogger message boards and people are *really* pissed off. Sure, it's very frustrating. This *shouldn't* happen when content-on-the-cloud is supposedly a business' core competency and all. It *is* scary to think about potentially losing content, which I didn't save elsewhere, and I'm sure some people are missing dozens of posts and comments, hopefully temporarily, and it's not like I rely on this service to generate revenue or for a livelihood or anything. But... I do have to say that, for me personally, I post a lot, daily, and this is only the second time in 6 years that I've had any problems with a FREE service. So, big picture and all, I'm just saying...

UPDATE 3: Hrmmm... as of 7:46pm PST, Blogger is saying that "nearly all posts have been restored," yet as it turns out I'm still missing half a dozen or so. That sucks. Oh well, they're saying that they'll continue restoring removed content through the weekend, so I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I don't have a good feeling about this. If I lose the content, I'll do a quick summary post recapping what was lost. Sucks.

UPDATE 4: Uhh... yeah... I guess everyone at Blogger (Google) went home for the weekend, because nothing has changed since the last update over 12 hours ago. I don't think I'll be getting my lost content back. Dumb. I really tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that all will be resolved, but if you say "nearly all posts have been restored" and I only have 20% restored, then I say "Mountan View, we have a problem." At this point, I don't even want to mess with it. I'll give it until Monday morning and if all is lost, I'll attempt the summary post to recap what was lost. It's not like the content lost will be irreplaceable or anything, I'm just kinda' bummed at disrupting my streak. I've been doing weekly reviews without missing a single week for almost 6 years, and this loss of fidelity will now be the only gap. Blogger Go Boom.

UPDATE 5: Well, the last update fom Blogger says that all work has been completed and if you're still missing posts to check your drafts area because the posts might be saved as drafts and need to be re-published. No such luck for me, I don't see anything saved as a draft, so without any other recourse, I'm going to call the posts losts and charge ahead. I understand that the vast majority of users had their content retrieved, but for me personally, this operation was a fail. Time to upgrade to Wordpress or another service as many friends have urged?


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