Modern Pirates Debut

Modern Pirates (Sixty Seven Ideas): Bobby Peters’ second venture into the world of self-published mini-comics is an improvement from his strong first attempt, in that we now get a feature length tale rather than a collection of shorts. There’s something vaguely “Tony Millionaire” about his sophomore aesthetic. It’s there in the content, the way the objects lay on the page with various line weights here and there. In fact, the entire adventure operates with the same type of whimsical earnest that you might find in Millionaire’s more recent works like Billy Hazelnuts. The story revolves around Caribbean pirates landing in modern day Miami Beach, trying to “find someone with a beard,” which supposedly indicates a person of some authority, while they attempt to find a place to bury their loot and bumble a bank robbery in the process. The humor does fall a little flat in spots, but you can see the high concept Peters is working with, it’s a solid one, and it’s something akin to the Scurvy Dogs comics that Ryan Yount put out a few years ago. Peters takes standard pirate tropes and lays them over a modern setting to create humor from the kooky mismatch. For more from Bobby Peters, check out www.sixtysevenideas.com Grade B+.


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