5.23.12 Releases

My wallet appreciates this rather light week, but at least 2/3 of what’s coming out I’m very excited about. It’s a very close competition for the top slot this week, but I’ll go with the debut of Mind MGMT #1 (Dark Horse) from the inimitable Matt Kindt. I’ve loved just about everything Matt Kindt has released on the indie scene as well as from smaller press publishers, so it’s nice to see him moving more toward the spotlight with a creator-owned series from Dark Horse. The premise of a secret organization of super spies with variable mind control powers is also very intriguing. Prophet #25 (Image) continues the great reimaging of this series from writer Brandon Graham and why-doesn’t-he-work-more NYC artist Farel Dalrymple, finishing up his little two-issue burst. Lastly, we have Batman Incorporated #1 (DC), which I think is supposed to be Morrison’s last gasp of creativity regarding the Batman Mythos, concluding his 6-year commentary on the character. I’m a very passive Morrison fan at best (as I think he's become the very thing his characters and voice and fans seem to want to think they're rallying against, not to mention his work is very hit and miss for me, mostly the latter...), but the Chris Burnham art is a real draw for me, somewhere in between the styles of Frank Quitely and Sean Murphy. What looks good to you?


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