11.28.12 Shipping Report

This is my kind of week, a mix of interesting creator-owned books and few key mainstream titles that have managed to catch my eye. First up is Wasteland #41 (Oni Press) and I’m excited to see where Antony Johnston is taking us with the aid of Russel Roehling, probably my second favorite artist after Christopher Mitten, who set the tone for the series. I’m curious about Masks #1 (Dynamite Entertainment), which pushes together all of the pulp properties DE has licensed in a big ol’ crossover, at the hands of Chris Roberson and Alex Ross. None of the individual series or creative teams have really grabbed me, but this could be lots of character bang for the buck, with two creators that are worth a look. Image Comics has a trio of books I’ll be picking up, and I’m at least 2/3 already very sold on them. Prophet #31 (Image) is a sure buy, as is Multiple Warheads: Alphabet To Infinity #2 (Image), both helmed by Brandon Graham, the former an exciting reimage of an Extreme Studios property best described in collective blogger elevator pitch taxonomy as “Sci-Fi Conan,” the latter his own unique post-apocalyptic off-beat sexy vision from top to bottom. The only newcomer is Nowhere Men #1 (Image), which sounds like an interesting push on scientist rock stars from Eric Stephenson, Nate Bellegarde, and Jordie Bellaire. Over at The House of Ideas, I’ll definitely be getting Ultimate Comics: X-Men #19 (Marvel), which promises a new chapter from Brian Wood, and I’m sitting on the fence, but leaning toward picking up, Thor: God of Thunder #1 (Marvel) and Uncanny Avengers #2 (Marvel), just because of the strength of the creative teams.  


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